Caulfield Kokikai Aikido Newsletters!

Hi All,

Again, another post to get things started. Click on the links below to get access to the Official Kokikai Aikido Newsletters for 2012 and 2013 and don’t forget to check out the contributions of yours truly – I’m no literary genius but I reckon I can make a fair crack on the keyboard.

If you’re unfamiliar with the names for techniques, stances, or throws then check out the 2013 Newsletter – Glen Davison has included a very useful glossary of terms.

Keep posted and I’ll keep posting.

Best, Luke

akanews2012b akanews2013b2


Caulfield Kokikai Aikido Photos

Hi All,

I am currently laid up with an injury so I will have no notes to post for this week. Instead I include some pictures and links in this post and the next.

Here is a selection of photos from a couple of years ago. As you can see things get pretty dynamic. And yes, for anyone who knows me that’s me being thrown in the first one. More photos and more content to come in the future.

Best, Luke

aikido2 aikido3 aikido4 aikido5

Caulfield Kokikai Aikido is on wordpress!

Hi All,

This is the first blog for Caulfield Kokikai Aikido. I will try to post regularly so everyone knows what is going on.

So far the news is that we have returned to our old stomping ground at the Caulfield Campus of Monash University. We train from 8pm to 10pm Mondays and 8:30pm to 10pm Thursdays. Training is the Aerobics room in the Chisholm building.

We are all very much looking forward to Spring Camp at UNSW in October!